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Mr. Gregory

2020 Class Sponsor, Biology II Honors, Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, LEO Club Sponsor, National Honor Society, Succession Administrator


Bachelor of Science
Science Education Major
Middle Tennessee State University (1980)

Master of Education
Administration & Supervision Major
Middle Tennessee State University (1984)


I have had the privilege to have taught at Community High since starting my career in 1980.

1st Period - Chemistry

2nd Period - Chemistry

3rd Period - Chemistry

4th Period - Chemistry (Honors)

5th Period - RTI/Enrichment, Lunch

6th Period - Planning

7th Period - Chemistry

8th Period - Chemistry

The following links allow you to access the Chemistry Curriculum "Student Learning Maps (SLM)".  SLM's show the general information that will be covered in each Lesson along with important vocabulary words.  To view these files, you will need a .pdf reader such as Adobe Reader!  You can download a free copy by following this link



Topic 1 - Matter

Topic 2 - Atomic Structure

Topic 3 - Periodic Law

Topic 4 - Chemical Bonding/Formulas

Topic 5 - Chemical Reactions

Topic 6 - Stoichiometry

Following are links to Articles that are required reading for Honors Chemistry.

Three articles are to be read and answer sheets turned in for each of the first two quarters (a total of 6 reports for the fall semester).  The grade will be listed as 1st Quarter Project (2nd Quarter Project) and will count as a TEST GRADE.


To view these files, you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader!  You can download a free copy by following this link





A Material Loss


Lead: An Element of Danger


On Alchemy

Saving Books with Science

The Dioxin Dilemma

The Search for Ozone Friendly Refrigerants