Bus Information

Community Bus Drivers
Bus# Driver Phone
01 Dana Peoples 931-619-3438
15 Terrie Paschall 931-703-9923
21 Tim Compton 931-580-5413
22 James Johnson 931-205-9688
24 Kathy Demouey 931-703-6691
27 Mark Neill 931-205-9753
28 David Piephoff 931-224-7574
30 Kathy Farris 931-312-0156
39 Christie Sharp 931- 575-1347
68 Brandi Morton 931-205-9523
74 Carla Latham 931-619-0776
79 Stacey Street 931-292-7676
82 Josh Burrahm 931-703-9811
Substitutes:  Billie Jo Juarez 931-224-2982, Jackie Hambrick 931-619-9026, John Mason 615-613-4333
Loading Order:  01, 39, 27, 22, 30, 82, 21, 15, 28, 24, 68, 79, 74 > Front of Campus

~ Drivers are prohibited from cell phone use
when buses are in motion transporting students ~

Transportation Office 684-1500

Kenny Parker, Director of Transportation

Tonya Riddle, Secretary
Students in Grades 6-12 may attend any school in the system when parents
provide transportation and such choice does not cause overcrowding.

Bus Conduct

Students shall conform to the following rules of bus behavior:
1.   Enter the bus in an orderly manner and go directly to a seat and remain seated until the destination is reached.
2.   Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
3.   Sit in seats assigned by the bus driver or principal.
4.   Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street at a bus stop.  When crossing a street is necessary, students shall always do so far enough ahead of the bus so that they are able to see the face of the bus driver and he may adequately observe them.

Bus drivers are encouraged to work with parents/guardian and students concerning minor problems when possible.  However, the following procedures may be used when necessary:
1.   1st incident:  warning to student and parent/guardian notified.
2.   2nd incident:  5 days suspension of bus riding privileges
3.   3rd incident:  10 days suspension of bus riding privileges
4.   4th incident:  suspension of bus riding privileges remainder of year.
5.   Major offenses such as but not limited to abusive or obscene language can result in automatic suspension of bus riding privileges when determined to be severe by the principal or his designee.
6.   Students suspended from bus riding privileges on one bus are prohibited from riding any buses to include field trips and/or any school related activities during the suspended time.
7.   Other appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken by the school administration.