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Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery
"Credit Recovery" is course‐specific, computer-stationed, skill‐based extended learning for students who have previously been unsuccessful in mastering content or skills required to receive course credit or earn promotion. Credit recovery has a primary focus of helping students stay in school and graduate on time.

The student must have previously taken an initial, non-credit recovery section of the proposed course and received a grade of not less than 50%. Students who receive a grade of below 50% in the non-credit recovery section of the course must re-take the course. (Students must have taken the course as a traditional class and made at least 50 to be eligible for credit recovery).

Students must recover the full credit of one credit courses (English, math, science, etc.) and a half credit for half credit courses (economics, personal finance, government, etc).

Students have one semester in which to recover the credit they did not receive the prior semester.  If a student does not complete their credit recovery course in one semester, they will be required to attend summer school. If a student does not complete their credit recovery course during summer school, they will be required to retake the class in a traditional classroom the following fall semester.

The student's parent or legal guardian must give written consent for the student to enroll in the proposed credit recovery course.

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Credit Recovery Courses Available
Algebra I, II
Bridge Math
Earth Science
English I, II, III, IV
Personal Finance
Physical Science
Spanish I, II
US History
World Geography
World History