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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phones & Personal Communication Devices

Bedford County Board of Education Policy 6.312

Personal communication and electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, cameras, laptops, tablets, notebooks, eReaders, DVD, CD, MP3 players, etc. may be used by students for reasonable purposes only during non-academic periods, such as before and between classes or in study hall, lunchtime, etc.  Students shall turn off electronic devices upon arrival in the academic classroom.  

Personal communication and electronic devices are not to be used during academic instructional periods, unless they are approved by the teacher to be used as part of the classroom technology to further academic instruction.  Teachers are encouraged to integrate the devices into their course work. 

If a student is allowed to use his/her personal communication device as part of the classroom technology, it is to be used only to further academic instruction as directed by the teacher and not for any personal communication.  

Students are allowed to use their personal communication devices for reasonable communication purposes in or out of the building after dismissal.  For after school activities, the use of such devices shall be at the discreation of the activity sponsor.

The taking of photos or the recording of videos whether by cell phone or any other personal communication device in places where privacy is a reasonable expectation is strictly prohibited.

Any student who disseminates in any manner an unauthorized or misrepresented photograph, video, or recording for the purpose of embarrassing, demeaning, or discrediting the reputation of any student or staff, or that results in the embarrassment, demeaning, or discrediting of any student or staff, or results in any action or activity disruptive to the educational process shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension and/or expulsion at the discretion of the principal. An incident of this nature could result in sexual harassment or other violations and loss of the personal communication device for the remainder of the year.

If students are found using a cell phone improperly or without consent or if a cell phone is seen or heard ringing during class time, the cell phone will be confiscated and turned over to the administration.  Any unauthorized use of a device will result in confiscation until such time as it may be released to the student's parent or guardian according to the following consequences.


· 1st Offense - Level I Confiscation: The device will be confiscated to be returned to the student at the end of the next school day or the parent/guardian may pick-up at the end of the day.

· 2nd Offense - Level II Confiscation: The device will be confiscated for 5 calendar days.  The parent/guardian may pick up the cell phone at the end of the 5 days.

· 3rd Offense and Thereafter - Level III Confiscation: The device will be confiscated for 30 calendar days.  The parent/guardian may pick-up the cell phone at the end of the 30 days.

·   If any infraction of this policy is serious enough to violate any Board of Education policy and procedures governing the use of communication devices, more serious consequences could result.