World History (Period 1st Period)

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August 10, 2020 
   We will begin with the Prologue Chapter in your World History book. 
August 10, 2020
 Due at the end of the 9 weeks. This is 25 percent of your 9 weeks grade. 
 You will be creating a fictional country. The following is the information that should be included in your fictional country.
1. Each country should have a name 
2. The physical location of your country. You can use land masses that exist.
3. Each country should have a history that is an addition to regular history. The main origin should be how you became a country.
4. What kind of culture does your country have including music, art, sports, religion, language, etc.
5. What type of government do you have in your country.
6. What type of economy do you have.
7. What historical events have taken place in your country.
8. What attractions would you have that would make someone want to visit or live in your country.
You may do this on PowerPoint if you are a virtual student. All others will present in class.

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The Sixties

For the next several weeks we will be doing assignments based on the most recent decades. We will begin by doing the 1960's. I want you to choose 4 events from the decade of the 1960's that made the biggest impact on the United States and the World. Below are some examples to choose from:
1. Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
2. The Vietnam War
3. The coming of age of television
4. Landing on the Moon
5. Cuban Missile Crisis
These are just some examples to choose from. Write a short essay for each event you choose and discuss the global impact each event had and why you feel it was important in history.